Welcome to Not Your Turn to Burn, a site dedicated to Survivors and Advocates of Flame Arresters. A Flame Arrester prevents flashbacks or vapor explosions which burn Familes, Children and Students every day. This site is a composite for research and advocacy.

I've been painfully thrust into this experience, from a flashback explosion of fireplace fuel (rated safe for this specific use). In June 2014, I had to use my bare hands and body to extinguish the flames which had engulfed my child, when the unsafe container of flammable liquid was being poured. Afterwards, I lived in a burn unit and provided wound care for more than 50 reconstructive surgeries. This could have been prevented, if only the safety gaurd was required. It only costs a few pennies, about 5¢. Proven Effective - OSHA & DOD require it for employees and military. In fact, flame arrestors are routinely utilized every day by trained professionals when they transport flammable liquids in the Oil & Gas industry. They are required from the well head, to the oil tankers, to the gas pump. The first and only place that Flame Arresters are not required is in the fuel containers available to consumers. 

Unfortunately, these containers should have been included in the voluntary recall from 2011-12. Instead, a technicality allows unsafe products to still be sold for common household use and for use in schools and lab demontrations, across the country. Even after all the research efforts from Technical Experts:

I now work with Research, PhD’s and Professional Engineers, Manufacturers and several government agencies and non-government organizations to advocate for the safety guard- called a Flame Arrester- to be put back on consumer products and required for student safety and container safety. A Flame Arrester prevents these flashbacks and vapor explosions which burn Families, Children and Students every day. In 2016, I began campaigning to Congress for Portable Fuel Container Safety. Back then, in the 114th Congress, it was Bill HR#5900- Portable Fuel Container Safety Act of 2016. It took a long time to get any cosposoring support. Then in the 115th Congress- it was Bill HR#919- Portable Fuel Container Safety Act of 2017-2018. We achieved 49 Congressman Sponsoring/Cosponsoring with bipartisan support but never made it out of committee. Now, in the 116th Congress- it’s HR #806- Portable Fuel Container Safety Act of 2019-2020. It’s gonna take an Act Of Congress To: Stop Burning Our Kids. It’s time to Stop those that have been obstructing this common sense solution that has been in use for over 200 years.

Video: CBS’ This Morning- produced this segment from our research:

Here’s my story- this was presented to burn surgeons, medical staffs and fire professionals from across the country, at their National Leadership Conference, in Washington, DC. This public safety advocacy began from meeting hundreds of survivors of these preventable burn injuries.

Video: Two Mom’s of Survivors- work on Public Advocacy (CBS News- Baltimore, Md.)

Flammable or Combustible liquid fires resulted in 450 deaths, 3900 injuries and $1.5 Billion in direct property damage per year (3 year average).
— National Fire Protection Agency


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