Blog — Not Your Turn To Burn

First Responders and Civil Servants are Injured while working to protect us from UnProtected Flammable Liquids. Flame Arresters quench sparks or flames and prevent the explosion. It stops the flow path.


The Logo- yes, pun intended. Just as coal becomes a diamond by heat and pressure, so do Burn Survivors. Perhaps on a "Burniversary" you may consider diamonds? OK, by that, I mean cubic zirconia but still diamonds are a representative birth stone in any form that feels appropriate.

As Always, Burn Survivors are the highest concentration of people worth knowing!  (those of us that understand)

News Reports On Burns & Real Survivors & Prevention Advocacy

After much discussion, we have edited the news items, removing accidents and injuries from similar but unrelated injuries. At this time, we have to keep the focus on liquid flammables that can be prevented by flame arrester barriers at the open neck of containers. In the future we want to reexamine the additional injuries in an effort to find safety measures and solutions. Thank you for the sincere critiques among survivors, experts and agencies.

Focusing on the Journey

It's been a learning experience. We are amateurs but Survivors. Never done any of this before but learning quickly. Thank You to all those along the way. You've taught us. Your feedback helps us learn. This is about Safety, Public Awareness and Consumer Choice!

For those that recommended we start with a "Donate" section. Please know we deeply considered this but decided we are not about raising money but RAISING PUBLIC AWARENESS. If you have a desire to support, consider a donation to "Phoenix Society- for Burn Survivors". They are a well-known organization that supports the burn community of survivors.

We are about safety and awareness- please join us. Our Goal: "Not Your Turn To Burn"