Dear Congressman __________,

I am writing you, as your constituent, asking you to co-sponsor and fully support HR#919- Portable Fuel Container Safety Act of 2017. 

 This solution is simple- Flame Arresters prevent ICE- Internal Container Explosions. This is a simple barrier method that quenches an ignition before it can ignite the vapors inside a container and explode. It costs less than a nickel and work every time which is why OSHA requires them for employee safety. They are in common use with all hydrocarbon handling, today. 

According to ASTM F15.10

It has been determined by the Flame arrestor task group and outside researchers that flame arrestors would reduce and virtually eliminate flashback explosions in portable gasoline containers as they have in alcohol and charcoal lighter fluid fuel containers. In fact, no portable gasoline container with a functioning flame arrestor has been found to have experienced a flashback explosion in the container. Further, no alcohol or charcoal lighter fluid container with a functioning flame arrester has been found to have experienced a flashback explosion in the container. 

Even after ASTM has been working on enacting this solution, for over 10 years, why has no standard been released? We need an "Act Of Congress" to get this Public Safety measure in place. Please add your FULL SUPPORT. We request a hearing and inquiry into these delays. Who would sell a product that becomes a Flame Thrower, A Blow Torch or A Bomb, by simply tipping it it to pour??

#StopBurningOurChildren -In Homes, Schools and Social Gatherings. These containers are defective without a Flame Arrester.


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