Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together! This grass roots effort is getting help from some amazing people who believe in the power of healing through prevention.



We are Working Together For Safety, Education, and Healing

Goals Of Our Multi-Disciplinary Team:   

  • Analyze burn injuries and categories

  • Exchange data and research

  • Find common denominators

  • Develop a cross-functional team to implement safety changes to reduce burns

  • Help Burn Survivors heal by participating in solutions and prevention

  • Focus public awareness on "Best In Class" products with safety features

Good people are getting involved to support this because the science is so factual. DDA’s (Detonation Deflagration Arresters) are an industry standard and well-accepted. Flame arresters are considered highly effective and cost-efficient. Many talk about it as though they have personally wanted it solved for years but lack of funding, focus, and resources.

By adding the personal impact of burn families, we can bring about initiatives that will reduce flash and flame burns. Let's work together because Flash and Fire burns are incredibly expensive. We need to improve Fire Mitigation and prevent these catastrophic injuries.

We are currently developing our Leadership Team. If you are interested in joining, please contact us below.

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