ATF research shows an Internal Container Explosion (ICE) in slow-motion. You can see the vapors ignite, suck the ignition into the container and the Flame Jetting effect. This accurately portrays what happens every single day with common products in use in Homes, School Labs and Social Gatherings.

ATF- Fire Research Lab. This clearly shows how safe and effective a Flame Arrester is. In fact, no documented case has been found of flashback or vapor explosion when a functioning Flame Arrester is present. This safety Guard- costs a few pennies. Is Safe and Effective. It works every time.

This is representative of why an open throat container is a defective product. This happens in Homes, Labs and Schools, every day. This could be your science class demonstration, a family gathering or a social celebration. A Flame Arrester prevents this every time. It costs only a few pennies. Ask your Congressman to vote for the Portable Fuel Container Safety Act.