OUR MISSION- Public Safety

Too many families, like ours, have suffered severe burns from flash fires, vapor explosions, or flame jetting. This could happen to anyone at anytime!

There is a simple solution to this known problem: Flame arresters. Flame arresters prevent horrific burns by acting as a barrier, stopping the flame and quenching the detonation process. They've been in use for 200 years! Flame arresters work; flame barriers are very effective prevention.

  1. We are calling on manufacturers of flammable liquids to switch to flame arresters on all containers. We want barrier protection to prevent burn injuries. It's as simple as adding a 5¢ Safety Feature, a screen or filter, that prevents horrific burns.
  2. We want special use and handling precautions better communicated. By working together, we can educate the public about the risks and safeguards with all types of flammable liquids.
  3. We want barrier protection for consumers- at home, in labs, and in schools. On every bottle, every can, and every container.