WARNING: This section contains graphic video content. Please be advised.

Fire engineers, researchers, and experts, call this a Defective Product without a Flame Arrester.

Any product sold without a safety guard on the opening is defective because of the "Necked Vessel Flame Thrower Effect." A Flame Arrester makes these 100% safe because according to CPSC, ASTM, NFPA, ATF, and NIST there has never been a documented case when a functioning flame arrester was present. 

So we must continue their work to make this regulation mandatory. It's the same event pattern that leads to these tragedies, whether in a science classroom or a lab demonstration. There have been over 30 students severely burned in similar conditions when there was an open throat container of flammable alcohol: methanol or ethanol. It looks and sounds the same as this when refilling a camp stove, ventless fireplace, yard equipment, or any other activity involving a portable fuel container with an unprotected opening. High-proof rum has had a Flame Arrester on their product for 25 years. In 2011, CPSC issued a voluntary recall on ventless fireplace fuel.


You can see how this event happens in homes, schools, and social gatherings. THIS IS A REPRESENTATION OF WHAT I SAW AND HEARD, WHILE MY DAUGHTER WAS BURNING ALIVE. I shiver and shake, hearing this woman, while recalling all the details.

I heard these same screams as I ran to my child. She was on fire. Her eyes locked on mine. As a typical Mom, I grabbed her with my hands, arms, body, and chest to "s'mother" the flames. She was burning alive BUT I COULDN'T GET THE FLAMES OUT. We didn’t get her out until my husband arrived with a towel. My arms shook constantly afterwards. On the way to the helicopter, the firemen wrapped my hands. It took me days to realize I was covered in her skin; it was all over me. My heart’s wounds are so deep. The emotional pain hurts more than the searing burns.