WARNING: This section contains graphic video content. Please be advised.

Fire engineers, researchers, and experts, call this a Defective Product without a Flame Arrester.


You can see how this event happens in homes, schools, and social gatherings. THIS IS A REPRESENTATION OF WHAT I SAW AND HEARD, WHILE MY DAUGHTER WAS BURNING ALIVE. I shiver and shake, hearing this woman, while recalling all the details.

So we must continue their work to make this regulation mandatory. It's the same event pattern that leads to these tragedies, whether in a science classroom or a lab demonstration. There have been over 30 students severely burned in similar conditions when there was an open throat container of flammable alcohol: methanol or ethanol. It looks and sounds the same as this when refilling a camp stove, ventless fireplace, yard equipment, or any other activity involving a portable fuel container with an unprotected opening. High-proof rum has had a Flame Arrester on their product for 25 years. In 2011, CPSC issued a voluntary recall on ventless fireplace fuels but still have NOT warned the public.