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  • I have to start with this mother's love for her daughter. Her courage inspired me to focus on solutions that stop these predictable injuries: 
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Flame arrestors, the technical science term is DDA's, are deflagration and detonation arrestors. They have been used effectively for over 200 years.

  • The Science is proven: Barrier protection prevents burns

  • The facts are known: DDA'S are required in many industrial and commercial applications

  • The risk is real: There are over a hundred examples of severe burn injuries that made the news, there are many more that do not make the news, do not specialized burn care, or are not reported

  • The time is now: We need to raise awareness and stop these tragic occurrences

  • We can work together: To offer consumers a safer choice of bottles and cans with flame arresters or flame mitigating devices, in open neck containers