Welcome to Not Your Turn to Burn, a site dedicated to Burn Researchers, Healthcare Community and Advocates of Flame Arresters. A Flame Arrester prevents flashbacks or vapor explosions which burn Familes, Children and Students every day.

It’s time to Stop those that have been obstructing this common sense solution. Flame Arresters work. It only costs a few pennies, about 5¢. OSHA requires them to protect employees. DOD requires them to protect all military personnel. Consumers need flashback arresters for burn prevention. It works every time- never a documented case of it failing, when attached to the opening. Low cost. Low Tech. 100% Preventable, according to researchers and experts.

Students and General Public should get the same safety guard that OSHA and DOD require to protect all employees and all military. Flame Arrestors are routinely utilized every day by trained professionals when they transport flammable liquids in the Oil & Gas industry. They are required from the well head, to the oil tankers, to the gas pump. The first and only place that Flame Arresters are not required is in the fuel containers available to consumers and students. 

I've been painfully thrust into this experience, from a flashback explosion of fireplace fuel (rated safe for this specific use). In June 2014, I had to use my bare hands and body to extinguish the flames which had engulfed my child, when the unsafe container of flammable liquid was being poured, slowly and carefully, it instantatneously became a bomb-like flame thrower. This could have been prevented, if only the safety gaurd was required (not optional).

Not Your Turn To Burn- Burn Mom and Advocate discusses Flame Arresters for Burn Prevention. A Flame Arrester makes pouring a flammable fuel safe.

Video: Two Mom’s of Survivors- work on Public Advocacy (CBS News- Baltimore, Md.)

Flammable or Combustible liquid fires resulted in 450 deaths, 3900 injuries and $1.5 Billion in direct property damage per year (3 year average).

Click Here: Link For: NFPA- independant organization- 5 year study.
— National Fire Protection Agency


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